Corrections Checklist Helps Support Reentry During COVID-19

By CN Staff

NEW YORK—The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center has teamed with the National Sheriffs’ Association to create a concise checklist that aims to assist reentry planners and correctional staff in the transition planning process.

The checklist is designed to be a starting point for reviewing the innumerable factors staff should consider as they prepare people for reentry, including partaking in COVID-19 best practices, pondering legal considerations, and determining if someone has basic or health needs.

Representatives from Douglas County, Kan., and Franklin County, Ohio, are among those that have implemented and given glowing feedback on the expert resource, which is particularly helpful with many facilities reducing jail populations in wake of the pandemic.

The checklist additionally furnishes straightforward and practical guidance on next steps that staff can take to help assist people through reentry, based on their responses, and helps states and local communities prepare safe and successful transitions for some of the most vulnerable people. By assisting people in connecting to crucial resources and services to promote long-term successful reentry, it provides a quick way for correctional facilities to manage real life challenges with realistic alternatives.

Click here to find out more and access a free copy of the Corrections Checklist.