Behavioral Healthcare Lavatory

The Willoughby ASWLDR-1922 Ligature-resistant Stainless Steel Behavioral Healthcare Lavatory is a single-user fixture for vandal-resistant behavioral healthcare environments.

Willoughby stainless steel lavatory fixtures are all-welded, fabricated from T304 stainless steel, polished to a #4 satin finish. Standard ASWLDR-1922 fixtures come with a round lavatory basin with slow drain; selected valve, control, and plumbing; and inline thermostatic mixing valve; with anchoring through the heavy gauge steel backplate (anchoring hardware and adequate backing by others).

The rounded lavatory has been thoughtfully designed to minimize potential ligature points. All connections between the outside plumbing and the ASWLDR-1922 behavioral healthcare lavatory are concealed within the stainless-steel pedestal, and the fixture meets all applicable ADA and ANSI accessibility guidelines when mounted at the correct applicable rim height above the finished floor. A removable trap cover attached with security screws allows access to all fixture plumbing and mounting points inside.

Willoughby Industries