GTL Supports Lower Calling Rates for Incarcerated

By CN Staff

FALLS CHURCH, Va.—GTL, a leader in transformative corrections technology, has announced its support for the Federal Communications Commission’s continued work to reduce calling rates for incarcerated individuals. GTL is dedicated to working with the FCC and intends to work with correctional facility customers to implement the FCC’s newly adopted interim rate caps.

“We are committed to fostering meaningful connections between families affected by incarceration and will continue to work collaboratively with the FCC in support of their efforts,” said Deb Alderson, GTL president & CEO. “GTL will continue our efforts to work with the FCC, correctional facilities, incarcerated individuals and their friends and families to develop innovative products and services.”

In August 2020, GTL announced a permanent initiative to provide free weekly communication options to incarcerated individuals at state correctional facilities. In September 2020, that program was extended to county jails, encompassing all GTL customer facilities. In addition to these programs, GTL provides free educational and other content on its tablets to offer positive resources that aid in successful reentry.

“Communication with supportive family members and friends plays a large role in boosting inmate morale, improving success after release, and reducing recidivism,” continued Alderson. “Incarcerated individuals acutely feel the burden of lost time with loved ones. At GTL, we have technology that allows for safe and secure communication, and we want every incarcerated individual to have the ability to speak to family and friends.”

Since instituting its free communication program, GTL has provided over 85 million free phone calls, while also working with facilities to lower rates. These changes have resulted in over $40 million in savings to family members and friends of incarcerated individuals.