Indiana Jail Expansion Aims for December Wrap

By CN Staff

HUNTINGTON COUNTY, Ind.—The $17.5 million jail expansion in downtown Huntington is expected to be finalized by mid-December, according to the Journal Gazette and other published reports.

It will reportedly come less than five years after another area county, Adams, completed a new $20 million jail, and Huntington County Sheriff Chris Newton says the number of the jail’s beds will increase from 99 to 233.

The new expansion design integrates a pod system, with cells forming a U shape with a 5-foot walkway behind them wiith electrical and mechanical equipment that reduces the need for workmen to enter the inmate area.

The layout also includes a master control center in the middle of a circular layout according to the Journal Gazette, boosting visibility and sight lines for correctional officers.

Key firms leading the project were Weigand Construction of Fort Wayne, Ind.; DLZ Architects out of Indianapolis; and Pauly Jail Building Co. Other crucial partners, according to info from Paul Jail, were as follows:

  • Accurate Controls, Inc. for Modular Controls
  • Global Security Glazing for Security Glazing
  • Marathon Engineering Corporation for Padded Cells & Shower Coatings
  • Modern Detention Equipment for Detention Furniture, Mezzanine, & Stairs
  • Norix Group for Detention Furnishings
  • RR Brink Locking Systems, Inc. for Security Hardware
  • Security Automation Systems for Security Electronics
  • SteelCell of North America for Prefabricated Modular Steel Cells
  • Titan Steel Door for Security Hollow Metal, Security Plank Ceilings, & Wall Panels