Spacious New Sacramento Courthouse Making Progress

By CN Staff

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—The first major project in Sacramento’s growing Railyards District, one of the largest urban redevelopment sites in the country, continues to make progress and is expected to help set a revitalizing tone the Golden State capital.

The New Sacramento Courthouse, designed by NBBJ and built by Clark Construction, aims to convey a sense of permanence, judicial dignity and stability by utilizing materials and details that establish an image of civic importance.

Comprising 17 floors and 53 courtrooms, the building covers an entire city block and hosts the court’s criminal and civil operations, as well as a spacious jury assembly room, food services and civil settlement center. The project emphasizes coherent architecture that emphasizes order, rhythm, hierarchy, proportions and scale. By utilizing rational forms, finish materials and details it creates a sense of stability and visual weight that results in a strong civic presence.

Modern in look and function, the venue incorporates modern interpretations of classical building elements—including a base-middle, podium, portico, colonnade, and grand entry. It honors its place by utilizing civic quality materials that are expressive of the region’s color and texture to evoke a rich sophisticated exterior.


  • Location: Sacramento, CA
  • Owner: Judicial Council of California
  • Size: 540,000SF
  • Program: 17 floors / 53 courtrooms, high performance workplace, high security design, complex program
  • Services: Architecture, programming, planning, interior design, lighting, wayfinding, furniture
  • Sustainability: Targeting LEED Gold

Opening will likely occur in Q1 2024 per the contractor’s current schedule. Substantial completion will be in Q4 2023 but commissioning and smoke control system testing are expected to take full completion into 2024.

The courthouse features a glass curtain wall cladding on the north side, allowing for natural sunlight in the public corridors and views of the American River.