County Jail in Illinois Implements New Inmate Communication System

By CN Staff

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.—HomeWAV, a leading provider of secure inmate communication solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Sangamon County Jail in Springfield. This collaboration entails the implementation of HomeWAV’s innovative inmate communication system, which will revolutionize communication and education opportunities for inmates.

Sangamon County, with an average capacity of 327 inmates in its jail, has chosen HomeWAV as their comprehensive provider for a wide range of inmate services, including voice calls, video visitation, messaging, educational tools, entertainment, and off-site mail scanning. HomePAS™ (Protected Access System) kiosks will be strategically installed in each housing unit, while ComPAS™ (Portable Access System) tablets will be provided to all inmates.

HomeWAV’s technology enables inmates to have remote video visitation, allowing them to connect more frequently and easily with their loved ones. Furthermore, the incorporation of off-site mail scanning ensures enhanced security and efficiency in managing inmate mail.

Sheriff Jack Campbell states his office is moving to the next step in assisting jail inmates to work towards getting their GED, take college classes, and utilize other entertainment platforms while awaiting trial or completing their sentence. “It is imperative we provide inmates with the technology to assist them in becoming productive members of our society. In addition, we will provide entertainment platforms that will aid them by providing a distraction from their situation. By partnering with HomeWAV, we can provide opportunities they previously didn’t have.”

HomeWAV Chairman Jay Johnson recognizes the transformative impact of the partnership. “We are proud to deliver Sangamon County a comprehensive solution that surpasses market standards. Our advanced technology not only optimizes jail operations but also provides inmates with access to educational resources, enabling self-improvement and promoting positive connections with their support networks.”

At the forefront of HomeWAV’s offerings is the ComPAS™ tablet, which provides inmates with a versatile platform for voice calls, video visits, messaging, entertainment, and educational content. Through the tablet’s inmate education platform, inmates gain access to GED preparation materials, self-improvement courses, and a variety of academic subjects, offering valuable opportunities for personal growth and reducing recidivism.

“By providing tablets to the facility, the inmates will now have access to educational and self-improvement programming as well as messaging and entertainment features,” said HomeWAV Director of Strategic Accounts Jim DiCenso. “Our system is designed to give the inmates the opportunity for self-improvement and education with the hope of reducing recidivism. Keeping the inmates busy with educational tools, religious materials, books, and movies will also cut down on violent and disruptive acts in the jail and make for a safer environment for everyone in the facility.”

The five-year partnership between HomeWAV and Sangamon County exemplifies HomeWAV’s commitment to revolutionizing inmate communication and education. Installation of the inmate communication system is scheduled for completion by the end of September 2023.