Minnesota DOC Celebrates Five Higher-Ed Grads at Stillwater Facility

By CN Staff

STILLWATER, Minn.—The sounds of applause and tears of joy filled a packed room at MCF-Stillwater on Tuesday, Aug. 1, to celebrate the tremendous achievements of students involved with the Transformation and Reentry through Education and Community (TREC) program.

Five graduates were honored at the ceremony. Four students earned a B.A. in Individualized Studies from Metro State University, including one of those students also earning a Paralegal Certificate from North Hennepin Community College, and one student received an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts from Minneapolis College.

TREC creates a pathway from GED/diploma to associates, bachelor’s degrees, and certificates for incarcerated students.

Over 95 percent of the people incarcerated with the Minnesota Department of Corrections will one day return to their communities. Research shows education is a key factor to success, increasing the odds of gaining employment and reducing recidivism.

Congratulations to the graduates, as well as our staff and partner organizations for helping make all this possible.