Intrusion Detection System

Senstar, a provider of sensing and information management solutions for the protection of critical sites and infrastructure, announced that its new Senstar MultiSensor™ has received the Platinum award for the Best Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution at the ASTORS Homeland Security 2023 Awards.

Senstar MultiSensor, introduced in September, is an AI-based intrusion detection system that uses an embedded sensor fusion engine to intelligently synthesize data from multiple sensing technologies. The system includes short-range radar, PIR, accelerometer, high frequency vibration, and image sensors.

The system provides a Probability of Detection (Pd) far exceeding that of traditional sensors while eliminating nearly 100% of nuisance alarms. With real-time location tracking and ground-level image capture capabilities, security personnel obtain a wider context of events as they occur, thereby enabling the right decisions at exactly the right time.