Signal Booster

Nextivity Inc. recently introduced the Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster. The smart signal booster amplifies FirstNet service inside buildings, ensuring that first responders have strong and reliable signals when using their cellular devices in emergency situations. FirstNet is a new dedicated, high-speed LTE wireless network for public safety being built by AT&T in partnership with the First Responder Network Authority. It was created to prevent the communication challenges faced by first responders during 9/11 and other emergency and disaster situations. The FirstNet service is offered as a priority service over the AT&T network. The Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster from Nextivity can be set up in just minutes to amplify FirstNet signals in bands 12 and 14 concurrently inside any building. It provides 100db coverage for up to 15,000 sq. ft. per unit, ensuring a strong and reliable cellular connection on FirstNet compatible devices inside buildings for emergency communication by police, fire, and medical personnel. Cel-Fi GO RED FirstNet Booster for Buildings will be available in November 2018 via Nextivity’s US Distributor Partners.

Nextivity Inc.