New Austin Courthouse Boosts Maintenance with MobileMind

By CN Staff

AUSTIN, Texas—Many of America’s government buildings are struggling with deferred maintenance issues, but the new Travis County Civil and Family Courts Facility coming to downtown Austin will not be one of them. That’s because even though the courthouse isn’t expected to be completed until 2022, plans for its maintenance and upkeep already are underway.

Travis County has partnered with CGL MobileMind powered by Qmodo AI (“CGL MobileMind”), a facility knowledge management and optimization SAAS platform to help transition and train staff on maintaining the new state-of-art $333 million courthouse and ensure it lasts for decades to come.

The CGL MobileMind app helps field technicians do their job more efficiently and improves safety by integrating useful CMMS data and equipment information with important safety process flows, helpful how-to-videos, and interactive Q&A troubleshooting capabilities, so technicians have the information they need, when and where they need it.

“The average field tech spends more than a quarter of their time looking for information throughout 13 different sources of information just to troubleshoot and resolve an issue,” said Eli Gage, Chief Executive Officer of CGL Companies. “That’s a lot of time and money wasted. CGL MobileMind helps eliminate those knowledge gaps and safety concerns to make sure the County’s new investment is protected and works as intended for years down the road.”

CGL MobileMind will provide numerous benefits to Travis County and its new 448,000-square-foot courthouse. The implementation of CGL MobileMind aggregates all of the important information from construction and commissioning and puts it directly in the hands of the maintenance managers and staff. This greatly reduces the typical scenario of knowledge loss when transitioning from construction to operations. The CGL MobileMind system also creates a significant head start for the maintenance team in having the institutional knowledge that typically takes years to develop through experience. This facilitates the team’s ability to respond in an effective and efficient manner to both reactive and preventive maintenance tasks.

CGL MobileMind is a voice-controlled, mobile knowledge base and system integration solution helping correctional and criminal justice facilities operate more efficiently and safely than ever before. Using CGL MobileMind, techs can identify key components, document damage with supporting videos/photos, learn how to perform monthly tests and diagnose parts causing an issue. Teams can easily create and share training videos, harness key institutional knowledge and quickly bringing new techs up to speed.

CGL is the leading provider of justice facility planning, design, program management and maintenance solutions. Dating back to 1974, CGL has since grown into the largest, most comprehensive criminal justice consulting firm in the world.